A Life Lived in Dialogue: Chancellor Tong Shijun

“Of all the awards I have been given, I am most proud of this title – Best...

Yu Lizhong: A Founding Chancellor for Our Times

“It’s not important that people remember me.... It is much more important to...
In soccer uniform

Amy DeCillis '20: Bridging Cultures and Building Shanghai Dreams

"I realized I was learning so much more outside the classroom in Shanghai than...
Alex bogdanowicz square

Alexander Bogdanowicz '20: Everything Is an Opening, a Shattering of Expectations

“I would choose the word ‘open’ to summarize my four years at NYU Shanghai.”...

Guan ChengHe: Reimagining Cities with Big Data

Professor Guan ChengHe in the park in front of the Academic Building to discuss...
Laughing under cherry blossoms at Jefferson Memorial

He Ziqing '20: Embracing Uncertainty to Follow Her Passions

"This kind of global experience I got at NYU Shanghai really makes me think...
A Global Citizen Finding Ways to Give Back

Audrey Samuel '20: A Global Citizen Finding Ways to Give Back

"I’ve built a connection with these places and want to find a way to give back...
Tim Wu

Tim Wu Guangyu '20: From Century Avenue to Huaihua City to the UN

After discovering his true passions—for data science, and for tackling...
Eric Song Yilun

Eric Song Yilun '20: On the Research Fast Track

Song has known he would be a scientist since his high school days. In four...

Violet Spotlight: Sibling Edition

Meet Zainab Haider ’19 and her younger brother Syed Ali Haider ’24
Keith Ross

Faculty-Student Research: Teaching Robots to Run

Xinyue Chen '22 is doing collaborative programming and simulated robotic...
Register for Courses in Shanghai

Faculty-Student Research: Tracing the Celebrities of the Space Age

The trio conducted a collaborative research project that eventually spanned...


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